Huston Academy's mission is to empower all students to learn, grow and excel in our challenging world.

Mission Statement:

Huston Academy (formally known as Erath Excels! Academy) believes all students can achieve excellence in a positive, challenging, educational environment that stimulates their interests, channels their energy, and develops their abilities. Erath Excels! Academy is committed to providing a safe, nontraditional learning environment for students with distinct needs for these educational services. Recognizing the individual strengths and intrinsic worth of all students, Erath Excels! Academy’s primary purpose is to attract and motivate students to attend school regularly, to achieve measurable improvement in their academic, employment, social and life skills, and to graduate from an accredited high school. It is also, Erath Excels! Academy’s purpose to provide students with opportunities to become responsible community members and achieve employment success in the 21st century.