In February of 1996, the Texas Legislature authorized the creation of state chartered schools. These are public schools required to meet state accreditation requirements. Charter schools are designed and managed by concerned teachers, parents, administration and community members. Charter schools are independent public schools that are allowed to operate free from the traditional bureaucratic and regulatory red tape that confines public schools. Freed from such micro-management, charter schools design and deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and community needs. Because they are schools of choice, they are held to the highest level of accountability – consumer demand.

Once the charter is created, it is submitted to the State Board of Education for approval. The charter is granted to a 501( c ) (3) non-profit Organization. The non-profit organization governing our school is called Erath Excels! Academy, Inc. The school has created a Board of Directors to create and implement the policies and procedures of the charter school. The school must conduct itself in agreement with its charter. Charter schools are accountable to the State Board of Education and are monitored by the Texas Education Agency to insure that they meet both state and federal guidelines.